No job is too big or too small.

From a broken head to a multimillion-dollar installation, SprinklerWorks has the knowledge, experience, and personnel to tackle all of your irrigation needs.

At SprinklerWorks all we do is irrigation, and we do it very well. Helping our customers save millions of gallons of water each year is one of the things we do at SprinklerWorks.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to review your irrigation system and suggest ways to reduce water consumption.

Irrigation Design


SprinklerWorks has a staff of experienced Irrigation Designers to meet your needs for any sized project, and to insure a water-efficient irrigation system. Our designers have a thorough knowledge of the products available from all of the major manufacturers enabling them to select the best components for every possible situation. We can work with your Architect and/or Landscape Architect and can value engineer your irrigation system to save water, and to cut both cost and installation time.


SprinklerWorks installs irrigation equipment for both new and retrofitted systems. We have worked with customers that were building new homes, remodeling, developing commercial properties or building entire communities. Our installation crews can work from either your irrigation plans or from ours to bring about the successful installation of any irrigation system.

Problems with Artesian Wells in Winter

Repair Service

Keeping an irrigation system in good operating condition is one of the best ways to conserve water and to maintain a beautiful, healthy, landscape. SprinklerWorks has dedicated service personnel who are well trained at diagnosing and identifying problems and at resolving those issues with cost effective solutions. We have a thorough understanding of construction techniques, and an array of sophisticated tracking equipment, which allows us to quickly locate problems buried below ground. This can save our customers time, money and the inconvenience of having to disturb large areas of their landscape to make repairs.


Maintaining an irrigation system in peak working condition is an excellent way to protect the investment you have in both your landscape and in your irrigation equipment. SprinklerWorks can perform routine monitor and maintenance of existing irrigation systems based upon each customer’s individual needs. We can perform weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or other periodic inspections to clean fouled nozzles, adjust heads for proper coverage, identify and repair breaks, remove encroaching vegetation, reset controllers, check pumps and inspect the entire irrigation system for existing and/or potential problems. Many of our customers that head North for the summer months appreciate our extra set of eyes keeping a watch over their southern properties. Our Technicians are trained to notify our office when they see any irrigation and non-irrigation problems on a property which are immediately reported to the property owner/manager.

Allied Services

At SprinklerWorks we focus on one thing only and that is irrigation. We are very proud when we say “all we do is irrigation and we do it very well”. Our goal is to be the trusted experts rather that a Jack of all trades and a master of none.

Over the years we have added to the list of services that we offer to our customers, but all of these allied services are associated with the care, maintenance and use of their irrigation systems.


Wells and Pumps

SprinklerWorks offers service, repair, and replacement of submersible and above-ground pumps. This includes well pumps, lake draw pumps, and booster pumps. We also service commercial pump stations and VFDs (variable frequency drives).

SprinklerWorks does not currently drill wells, but we have worked with many of the local well drillers. We would be happy to provide you with a list of reputable well drillers to match your particular location and needs.

Well Pump


SprinklerWorks designs, installs, services and maintains fertigation systems. These systems apply liquid fertilizer to the landscape through an irrigation system. By applying a micro-dose of fertilizer with each watering you minimize the risk of washing an entire months worth of fertilizer away with a single downpour. This also helps to protect our environment and waterways.

Iron Stains

Iron stains can be a problem when there is a high concentration of iron in well and surface water used for irrigation. We can design, install and service a system that will eliminate this problem and allow irrigating with well water without the ugly stains.

Mosquito and Insect Control

If Mosquitoes, sand flies and other biting insects keep you from enjoying your yard we can help. SprinklerWorks can design, install and maintain a system that will apply natural oils and plant extracts to the yard through the irrigation system that will drive these annoying pests away.

Rainwater Harvesting

More people are turning to rainwater as a source of water for irrigation use. We can design, install and maintain a system as small and simple as one used to water pots or a large sophisticated system that can be used to irrigate an entire property. These systems are easy to install and maintain and can have a very rapid return on investment when installed on a potable water source.

Valve Locating

All of our service vans carry sophisticated electronic tracking equipment that allows us to find hidden electrically operated irrigation control valves. Each zone in an irrigation system is controlled by a valve that is generally buried below ground in a valve box. These boxes disappear into the landscape as they get covered up by years of mulch, growth and/or grass. When the valves fail it is necessary to locate them in order to make the needed repairs. We can locate the problem valve after it malfunctions, but it is easier to locate a working valve rather than a non-working valve. We recommend locating all of your valves at one time while they are still working to save both time and money. Once located we record, and save, the GPS location for each valve for later use.

Irrigation System Mapping

Through the use of our high-resolution GPS receivers, we can map an entire irrigation system. The mapping can include water source and point of connection, mainline location, wire path, valve locations, head locations, zone lines, controller location, sensor location, and any other important information. This information can then be fed into our GIS (graphic information system) software to generate a very accurate, detailed, map of the entire irrigation system. This system allows us to store information about all of the irrigation equipment such as manufacture, make, and model as well as size, installation dates, and any other pertinent information. We can also capture photographs of equipment with the embedded GPS coordinates and direction. These photographs are then stored right into the database for the entire irrigation system. Once mapped we can use our GPS receivers to locate equipment, such as valves, for service at a later date.

Our Clients Say…

Sprinklerworks has done work for me for several years, primarily been routine checking and maintenance. This year, we had a complete zone fail, just 2 days before we had a review from our corporate office. Sprinklerworks was able to come out and fix the problem that same day.

Their work has always been good, they are pretty responsive and their prices are fair.

Dave Sackett

We are so impressed with the company, we have had them in all houses and they came to Tampa, our new house.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very happy with Chris and the team.

Chris Hoch

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SprinklerWorks is fully licensed and insured to perform irrigation work in all of the areas we service. We acquire all necessary permits and have all required inspections performed on our work.