January 2016

Welcome to WaterMatters, SprinklerWork’s monthly newsletter about water, water conservation and irrigation. Every issue of WaterMatters features an informative article about water and how it relates to a beautiful landscape and what we at SprinklerWorks are doing to promote water conservation in the landscape. Information about water saving techniques and products will also be included in every issue. Our goal is to educate our readers on how these techniques and products can be used on any irrigation system to help improve its overall efficiency and performance. Each month we will also feature a coupon with a discount on a product or service to help you save money and water.


Happy New Year to everyone! Hopefully this holiday season was a good one for everybody and that we are all excited about the prospects for a GREAT new year. Good luck with all of those new year’s resolutions! As we begin the new year please keep in mind that January, and the first half of February, is always our coldest time of the year. So far this winter we have had much warmer temperatures than normal, but with the current strong El Nino the forecasts are for a colder and wetter winter than normal. If this holds true it may not be necessary to irrigate your landscape much at all. Use the seasonal adjust on your irrigation controller to reduce the zone run times to 20 – 40% of their normal times. Keep an eye on the weather and your landscape to insure that the new settings are working. Do not forget to reset the seasonal adjust when warmer weather returns.

The winter months are an excellent time to evaluate your current irrigation system to make sure it is providing proper coverage for your landscape. For a number of reasons most irrigation systems are poorly designed when they are installed and as the landscape grows and changes over the years the systems become less and less efficient. If your irrigation system’s performance has not been updated in the last 4-6 years, then this winter would be an excellent time to have that done in preparation for the upcoming growing season. Please call our office at 941-330-2444 to schedule a comprehensive evaluation of your irrigation system.


Keeping your irrigation system in tip top condition is one of the best ways to minimize the inefficient use of water and to protect the investment you have in both your landscape and in your irrigation system. Heads should be adjusted to prevent overspray onto pavement and other hard surfaces. Heads need to be set to the right height to water efficiently. Broken heads, leaking seals and breaks in piping need to be identified and repaired to help make every drop count.

Inspecting your irrigation system on a regular basis is very important to insure that everything is working properly and that the entire landscape is getting watered. If you are like most of us there is little time in our busy schedule to perform this simple task. To make matters worse most systems run at night so problems go undetected until we notice the grass turning brown or plants starting to wilt and die. A simple broken head can cause an entire zone to not water properly, and waste a great deal of water in the process. Valve and controller problems are very common and can result in entire zones, or complete systems, not working. SprinklerWorks offers a system inspection service that can be tailored to your needs and budget. For more details, please give us a call at 941-330-2444.