Our Team

At SprinklerWorks we are proud of the team we have built, and of their long average length of service. Some of the key players on our team, that have been with us the longest, are listed below along with some background information on each of them.

David Johnson

David Johnson is the founder and General Manager at SprinklerWorks. David has been in the landscape and irrigation industry continuously since 1972. He possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Ornamental Horticulture and a minor in Landscape Architecture. Having been self employed in the service industry for most of his professional career David is very familiar with what it takes to provide good customer care and manage a successful service company. When David first began SprinklerWorks he was the only employee and performed all of the service, installation and maintenance work. In addition David also did all of the design work, sales, customer service, all of the billing and accounting function and did everything necessary to see his vision of SprinklerWorks to fruition. David approaches every project with a positive can do attitude and is always eager to share his knowledge of irrigation system design as well as his passion for plants and the environment.

Kevin Bean

Kevin Bean joined SprinklerWorks in 2010 as an Outside Sales Representative. Since then Kevin has taken on the added responsibilities of Office Manager, Customer Service Representative and inside Sales. Much of Kevin’s day is spent on the phone talking with our customers and working with our scheduling software to make sure everything is running smoothly. With much of Kevin’s background in the construction industry he knows how important schedules are and what it takes to insure a positive experience for all of our customers. When you call our office you will often be greeted by Kevin’s gentile voice and ready to please attitude.

Peggy Johnson

Peggy Johnson has Managed all of the Accounting functions for SprinklerWorks since 2004 when her husband of 35+ years David Johnson convinced her to leave a steady paying job to come to work for him. Peggy’s responsibilities include invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable and all of our banking functions. Having worked in accounting for over 30 years Peggy’s love of numbers and penchant for organization help keep us running smoothly, not to mention keeping David on track.

Chris Johnson

Another Johnson Family member, Chris Johnson, was the first full time employee of SprinklerWorks . He came to work for his father in the winter of 2003 as an Irrigation Technician. Having been trained by the best in the industry Chris’ passion for irrigation shows in everything he does. With a degree in computer networking Chris also helps keep the office computer network running smoothly. Chris’ thirst for new technology puts him in a position to keep everyone at SprinklerWorks up to date about the newest irrigation equipment and software.

Eric Snyder

Eric Snyder joined SprinklerWorks in 2005 when he began working as an Irrigation Technician. Eric came to us with a background in irrigation system installation. This background helps him to quickly envision how an irrigation system is installed and where to look when trying to resolve issues with any irrigation system. Eric has excellent problem solving skills and the ability to quickly think things through. This allows Eric to trouble shoot an irrigation system quickly to arrive at the cause, and a solution, to the problem. Eric’s quick thinking saves our customers both time and money.

Peter Bascom

Peter Bascom Joined the team in 2007 and has over 30 years experience as an Irrigation Technician in the Sarasota Area. With that much experience Pete is quick to diagnose problems and come up with excellent solutions to solve problems. While Pete may appear to move slowly at times you can trust me when I say that Pete’s every move is very deliberate so he gets the job done very efficiently

Juan Lozano

Juan started at SprinklerWorks in 2007 as a laborer in our installation department and has advanced to an Installation Crew Leader. Juan is liked by everyone on our team and the pride he takes in his work is evident in everything he does.